Murmur is a reward-based social networking platform that supports microblogging and is enabled by the EOS blockchain. It facilitates censorship-resistant content publishing and rewarding content engagement. Unlike conventional social media platforms, Murmur is fully decentralized. This way the users can better exercise control over their data, socially connect in safe and interesting ways without entrusting their data to some central middlemen and without confirming with arbitrary rules of content publishing. Users take back value for using Murmur in the form of EOS-based MUR token, as paid for by the platform and the partners.

The Murmur Blog is a place where we share our views on the latest that’s happenings in the world of blockchain and social media as well as write about things happening at our end, including development updates, promotions and giveaways and more. We encourage you to subscribe to the blog to keep up with the latest.

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