Announcement: Murmur on iOS + FREE EOS account with Murmur

Murmur app is now available on App Store.
Download Murmur now!

We’ve launched Murmur on the App store and we are stoked!

Now that there’s more than one way for you to access the app, we’ve made it more rewarding than ever to use Murmur — your go-to microblogging platform from this point onward.

This week onward, we are giving away FREE EOS accounts to everyone who joins the Murmur brigade. That is, we’ll stake EOS on your behalf — the first time around that is- and you walk away with a free EOS account for using and publishing on Murmur.

Why you need an EOS account and how does it work?

Creating a new EOS account enables you access to the entire EOS ecosystem of apps, which includes numerous airdrops.

An EOS account normally costs around $0.5 for RAM costs and can cost up to $5 for you to be able to perform any action on the EOS Blockchain. The $5 is for paying for “CPU” on the EOS network. Think of EOS as a decentralized operating system, where you have to pay RAM for using storage on the network, and “Stake” CPU and NET to perform actions on the network.

The Murmur team aims to simplify this entire process and keep it FREE for users to be able to create an account and use the network.

But that’s not all.

For using and referring Murmur qualifies you for a reward of 100 MUR tokens + 40 MUR tokens for each referral (up to 3).

That’s one FREE EOS account + plenty in referral bonus — for you and your friends.

To get a FREE EOS account on Murmur

  1. Download and install Murmur on your Android/iOS device
  2. Click ‘create a new EOS account’ and follow the steps prompted. If you are among the next 10000 participants, you won’t have to pay for EOS RAM* and get the EOS account for free.
  3. Once your account is activated (within 72hrs of registration submission), log in and refer Murmur to at least 2 friends.
  4. Actively publish for at least 30 days and get rewarded at the end of Day 30 with the 100 MUR Tokens. You also gain 40 MUR for every referral (up to 3 referrals allowed).
  5. Like Murmur on Facebook and join the Murmur Telegram group

To know more about how to get a FREE EOS account with Murmur, visit

For questions, reach out to one of the admins of our telegram group. Be sure to sign up on murmurdapp website and join the murmur telegram group to keep up with the latest offers, bounty programs and more.

To learn about how to get started with Murmur, refer our earlier posts.


*You can connect an existing EOS account for using Murmur. If you choose to do so, you will be prompted to import your private key. Please note that Murmur does not store your private key and you are always in control of it. If you opt to use own EOS account, you will receive a reward of 300 MUR tokens in your Murmur wallet.

*Despite having an existing EOS account, you can request us to stake EOS for you. If you choose to do so, we’ll take 72 hrs to stake EOS.

Existing app users can refer their friends and stand to receive 40 MUR for each referral (upto 3 referrals allowed). Those who install the app using an existing user’s referral code can follow the steps above to create/import EOS account and win MUR rewards (100 MUR for creating an account on Murmur, 300 MUR for importing an existing account)

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