Announcing the launch of the Murmur web platform

Murmur web platform is now live
To use Murmur for web, login with Scatter

In keeping with the development roadmap, we are delighted to release the Murmur web platform beta. It’s fresh, features some new and some improved features and makes using the decentralized microblogging platform a lot more easy, secure, and fun.

Here are some of the hallmark features of the new Murmur web app

Murmur web is accessible only with Scatter

To use the Murmur web platform, you’ll need to Scatter. Install the chrome extension or download Scatter for desktop. Scatter makes accessing applications that interact with blockchains through transactions and smart contracts, like EOS, easy and secure. To learn more about setting up Scatter, here’s a helpful video we found on the web.

The web platform features a new and improved UI

From bare-boned to better than better-boned, we’ve made progress with our microblogging platform’s UI. The Murmur web platform draws on elements of the new design set we are working on and features refreshing colors and compact interfaces. The same will reflect in our mobile app in the next few days.

Be informed that the web app is still in its nascent stages and will be undergoing improvements and fixes every day for the next few weeks. We hope to move from beta to live before the end of April ‘19.

In addition to the improved interface, we’ll be rolling out new features and functionalities between now and April. This includes IPFS for faster video and image uploads, EOS games, wallet and MUR token staking. More on this shortly.

Till then, check out Murmur for web. Be sure to share your feedback with us on our official murmur account (at)murmurdappac and on

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