Decibel-MUR token Payout: Updated

Recently we updated the way we calculate the Decibel:MUR payout. We were unable to update out Medium page about it due to reasons that were beyond our control but here’s the latest on the reward mechanism.

Note: You can always reach to (at)murmurdappac – our official Murmur profile – for clarity or one of the admins of

How does an account raise Decibels?

You raise Decibels for every action you take in-app – snoop, comment, yell or yell with a comment. You also raise Decibels when other accounts take action on the content you create, i.e, murmurs you post and yells you share.

Here’s how you don’t raise Decibels

  1. When you murmur and no one takes an action on your content.
  2. When you take actions on your own murmurs and yells.

This, because Murmur recognizes that creation only holds value when it is validated by affirmative action(s) of others.

So, if you are yelling, commenting or snooping your own murmur, you don’t raise any decibels. And that’s that.

What happens after you raise Decibels?

Currently, we update the Decibels raised in the Decibels tab in your mobile app as well as on the section you see on the left-hand side of the web app and that’s once every week.

On the one hand, you’ll see the decibels raised by you for taking actions on other people’s content and on the other the Decibels raised by you for the actions others have taken on the murmurs and yells you’ve posted. Simple.

Together, the sum total of the Decibels in your kitty helps us arrive at the proportion of MUR tokens that are owed to you for generating value on the platform.

So, How does MUR token payout happen?

Here’s the formula we follow currently.

Decibel calculation formula

We factor in what you have raised and what others have raised in the same period and this gives us the portion of the value you created in a period. This, multiplied by the number of active users in a period and 40 (an internal constant) generates the MUR tokens owed to you.

Things you may want to pay attention to at this stage:

  1. The more the active users on the platform, the more you earn. Which means, it’s good to have as many people on the platform engaging and creating. Referrals are still up and running, in case you missed it.
  2. Murmur’s is a give and take economy. You can only earn so much for taking actions on other people’s content. It helps if you publish interesting content that gets other people to take positive action on your content.

Word of Caution

Yes, we are aware that there are accounts that are spammy in nature. And we are working on a mechanism to weed out the spam before it proliferates the network. Yes, we and our mechanisms are far from perfect now. But we are working on getting better. And we’d want you, the user, to know that the power is truly in your hands to help us weed the bad out.

Currently, you are allowed to report posts that are spammy, hateful, hurtful, inappropriate and misleading. Enough unique reports for an account causes us to intervene and take action. Should we deem the content as not being in the best interest of the community, we hide the content from the common feed. We do not delete content. Ever! We simply ensure that the content is not in the public light and hidden from causing reasonable damage to community ethos and culture.

Know that we are doing everything we can to ensure Murmur is safe, authentic and a fun place to be. And we’ll get there with your help, support, and suggestions. So keep those coming.

6 thoughts on “Decibel-MUR token Payout: Updated”

  1. What are you going to do about users who have 5-6 profiles and vote and share each other’s posts? There’s plenty of them.

    1. Hi Don. Like how users have multiple email addresses, many users have multiple EOS accounts that they plug into the Murmur ecosystem. And this permissible on the platform. We are however working on mechanisms that will encourage mindful posting and engagement. Staking is one such function we will be introducing to this effect. In short, every action one hopes to take on Murmur will come at a cost and this should, to a large extent, de-incentivize mindless action taking. We welcome your suggestions on building such functions and capabilities in the platform.

  2. Is there any way if someone spamming the network, can we avoid it ?? Can we build a reputation system on network instead of just staking the tokens ? The user who wanna spam will stake the tokens. Win more decibels for sure.

    1. If you plug into Murmur with an existing EOS account of yours, you get 300 MUR as joining bonus within the week of joining. If you create a new account with Murmur, you get 100 MUR at the end of the week.

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