Decibels-MUR token payout: Pilot

This week, we will be making the first round of MUR token payouts to all Murmur users. This, in keeping with the Decibels Points System we rolled out a couple of weeks ago.

Quick refresher: Decibels is a reward points program, linked to your actions on Murmur. You raise ‘Decibels’ when your content is validated by the community or when you validate someone else’s content by way of comment, snoop, yell, yell with a comment. Each of these actions has a pre-defined value and based on the action(s) you take, you accumulate Decibels. Our contract factors in Decibels to calculate your share of the MUR token payout.

This week, we will be distributing MUR tokens to users for actions rendered between Feb 2, 2019 and March 11, 2019.

The Math

Your share: We divide the total decibels raised by you during a said period by the total decibels raised by the community to arrive at the percentage of the MUR token pool you are entitled to. (A)

The MUR token pool: The MUR pool (for the payout) is 1/100th of the total decibels raised by the community during a said period. (B)

Your MUR share: (A) x (B)

Perks for Power

A spin on the conventional rewards points program, Decibels is a multi-purpose program designed for making publishing and interacting on Murmur exciting and rewarding. It doesn’t just favor the creation and recognizes that creation by itself holds little value and needs validating. This validation comes from the users and the community, by and large.

Among its many benefits, Decibels raised by you are, chiefly, a powerful indicator of your contributions as well as participation in the Murmur ecosystem.

Soon, Decibels will help you unlock new kinds of value, including but not limited to Badges. We are nearing the finish line with MUR token staking, which means the more MUR you earn (through Decibels, tips and from exchanges), the more you can stake within the platform. Staking will, among others, allow you to publish more and engage more.

We are also working on enabling a way to effectively empower users to identify content that is spammy and/or fake. The feature we are working on will impact content that has been reported by users as spam and/or fake by hiding them from the public feed (although viewable by the account holder and on the blockchain). The Decibel earning capability of spammy content (and content creator) will also be affected as a result.

More on this soon.

Also, in case you missed it, Murmur for web (beta) is now available on

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