Introducing Murmur Rewards: Decibels

Introducing Decibels: Your reward point for taking actions in-app.

Today we announce the Murmur reward points: decibels. Rack up decibels for taking rewarding actions on the platform.

Rewarding actions on the platform include: snooping, yelling, commenting and yelling with a comment.

Every time a rewarding action takes place, either by you or by someone on your murmur or yell, you both earn some decibels. Proportionate to the decibels in your account, you will be rewarded MUR tokens at the end of each month.

Platform tenets

1. On Murmur, creators are the most valued participants. This, because you initiate actions. However, the mere act of creating/murmuring alone does not win you any rewards. Creations need to be validated by the community in some way in order for the creator/creation’s share-er to earn any decibel.

2. Yelling with a comment is the most valued action on a murmur. This, because a comment indicates value addition. Yell indicates value distribution.

3. By the same virtue, comments are more valuable than yells.

4. Snoops earn you the least decibels. This, because a snoop is only an acknowledgment of the value generated.

Decibel distribution

Details around earning decibels

1. Who can earn decibels?

Publishers of a murmur and people who take actions on a murmur, both earn decibels. In the Murmur ecosystem, the creators stand to take back more value than the action-taker on a creation.

2. Then, should I only focus on creating?

Not quite. Publishing a murmur alone does not guarantee you decibels. Unless your effort is validated by the community in some way, publishing a murmur alone does not earn you decibels.

3. Ok, so how does a creator earn decibels?

Up top, when you murmur, you don’t earn any decibels. Only when someone snoops, yells, comments, and/or yells with a comment that murmur is how you — the murmur-er — earns decibels. You earn decibels for each unique action on your murmur.

4. What about the action takers?

If you snoop, yell, comment, and/or yell with a comment on someone else’s murmur and/or yell you earn decibels. This, because you’ve taken the effort to acknowledge the value created by someone else. You earn decibels for every action you take on someone else’s murmur and yell.

5. What if I take an action on my own murmur?

You don’t earn decibels for actions you take on your own murmur. This, because the platform does not acknowledge value in these actions. Your murmurs and yells NEED TO BE VALIDATED BY OTHERS in order for you to earn decibels. So, while you can, presently, snoop, comment and yell your own murmur, you will not earn any decibels for taking these actions.

6. What if I take multiple actions on someone else’s murmur?

You earn decibels only for unique actions. And that alone. While you are free to comment and yell any number of times, if you choose to comment and/or yell a murmur multiple times, you will be rewarded for having commented and/or yelled ONLY ONCE. You do not gain decibels for repeating an action you’ve already taken on a murmur or yell.

7. What happens as a result of accumulating decibels?

You will receive MUR and/or EOS token rewards proportionate to the decibels in your kitty. This payout will happen at the end of every month. In case you do not receive tokens in a month, despite taking a rewarding action, be sure to let us know.

8. Where can I see the decibels that I have accumulated?

In a few weeks time, you will be able to see the decibels accumulated in your profile section.

9. Can others see the number of decibels I have accumulated?

Yes. Once the functionality is live, everyone will be able to view decibels earned by each account in the Murmur ecosystem in the respective account’s profile section. We’ll also have a publicly viewable leaderboard then.

10. What about earning tokens based on the decibels earned?

We’ll spell out the specifics on this shortly. For now, we encourage you to focus on earning decibels. Whenever we announce the token payout mechanism you will receive token proportionate to the points you’ve earned between today and that day.

11. Will this affect the ongoing Giveaway?

Yes, but only to the extent that we will use this system only to identify unique engagements on a murmur. That’s all. The winners will receive the rewards as specified in the announcement.

12. I have more questions…

Feel free to reach out to (at)murmurdappac on Murmur or write to one of the admins of the Murmur telegram group. You can also email us on

Disclaimer: The idea behind sharing details of the platform reward structure is to ensure we live up to our mission of enabling wholesome and transparent interactions and building a platform collaboratively with you, the community. It is a work in progress, this reward points system, and we invite your suggestions on how we can make it better and fairer. As is stands, any change in this reward structure will be communicated to the community well in advance via all appropriate channels.

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