MUR (Murmur) token is now trading on Findex

MUR (Murmur) token is now trading on Findex EOS DEX
MUR token is now trading on Findex

We are happy to announce that MUR token — Murmur’s native coin — is now listed with Findex — a leading decentralized exchange on EOS with secure on-chain settlement capabilities — and MUR/EOS token pair is now available for trading on the Findex DEX. MUR/EOS pair can be found on

This is the first such listing for Murmur and we are delighted to be partnering with one of leading EOS-based decentralized exchanges in the ecosystem. Access to EOS-based MUR token allows users to participate in the Murmur Dapp ecosystem readily. MUR token is a utility token and can be used for in-app purchases, for generating content rewards and lots more. For more information on the MUR token economics, visit

Also, starting Dec 22, we’ll be giving away 10,000 *FREE* EOS accounts + 100 MUR tokens to each new Murmur user. Check out the instructions on to know how you can get a FREE EOS account. Claim yours and helps us spread the word.

More on this in our next blog post.

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To know more about Findex, visit or follow the conversations on

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