Murmur and The One Year Roadmap

Murmur: The Future of Microblogging

Murmur was born out of the need for a decentralized social interaction platform that puts people first. One that is

Driven by the community and without a central controlling organization.

Offers an open space for free and creative expression.

Transparent and capable of rooting out harassment, hate speech, and fake news before it spreads.

Murmur, contrary to conventional social media platforms, is a democratic social interactions ecosystem that is blockchain-enabled, decentralized and rewarding to users. In its current form, Murmur’s facilitates unmediated Twitter-like social interactions with the provision for 256 characters per ‘murmur’, but the decentralized architecture logs these interactions on the blockchain, rendering them permanently and publicly verifiable. This latter quality further empowers users with the ability to trace the origins of publicly shared content or ‘murmur’ and helps spot and stop the source of fake news and hate speech.

Most importantly, Murmur, unlike present-day centralized social media platforms, gives users the ability to control their personal data, including the ability to choose who gets to capture and use this data and in what ways. On a centralized social media channel, you are governed by the company’s rules and policies and never know how your data is being used or abused by the platform. On Murmur, users define their rules and manage their social experiences the way they see fit, always managing control over the data they create and connect with the platform.

In addition, Murmur users are rewarded in MUR tokens, for creating and engaging with content and partner platforms, including ad networks. MUR token economics is designed and executed in a way for users to converse and interact — users and partner networks alike. More on this in our token economics PDF.

Distilled, ours is an effort at a silver bullet solution to the challenges and concerns that come from using centralized social media platforms. Murmur’s is an ecosystem that gives back control to the consumer and enables them to benefit from it in a tangibly meaningful way. And this is a mission we keep in front us as we build and grow Murmur.

The Roadmap

Murmur was conceptualized in the earlier part of this year and in the last few months, we’ve managed to design, develop and deploy a working platform for everyone to try. Efforts at development and app fixes continue. And between now and next year, we’ll be working chiefly on three things

  1. Building into the app the ability to create/connect EOS wallets
  2. Game networks
  3. Ad networks

Here’s how the development will play out over the next few months:

1. November 2018: Release the Beta version of Murmur on the web, Android, and iOS, followed by the release of the Murmur Wallet on Android and iOS. Murmur’s web platform will be compatible with Scatter.

2. December 2018: Introduce to the app the ability to integrate games, supported by the gamified Token model that encourages app engagement, enables for the ad partner better user targeting, and incentivizes active users.

3. Jan-March 2019: Integrate ad networks, and the ability for advertisers to directly target users on the app. Also, enable easy integration of games into Murmur supported by the Murmur Wallet and the ability to engage in token swaps. The focus will also move to increasing the app adoption by encouraging the creation of new EOS accounts, targetted towards both crypto and non-crypto users.

4. April-June 2019: Focus on marketing the app to mainstream social media audiences, particularly non-crypto users and enter non-English speaking markets.

On that note, we invite you to try Murmur and share your thoughts and feedback on the Murmur telegram channel.

You can also write to us on

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