Murmur app updates: November 2018

Murmur dapp updates

It’s been a few weeks since the app alpha was released and we’ve received a lot of good feedback and suggestions from the community, some of which are being worked on as you read this post.

Chiefly, we’ve worked on the app’s UI and UX this past month. With the aim of making using Murmur as effortless as possible, we’ve drawn on the functionalities of popular social interaction platforms to develop Murmur’s. This way, the app feels familiar and easy to use, only with more robust and exciting inbuilt capabilities.

Also, our EOS mainnet contracts have been deployed, and over 1000 txs have been performed so far (including murmurs, snoops, yells, whispers).

The official Murmur EOS account is murmurdappco. And the contracts can be found on the official account.

The updated version of the Murmur android app is now available on Google Play and can be viewed here:

Summarising the updates, users will see that the new way of Murmur app features

New design

The app now features a more nuanced UI and UX. Also, we have a new logo!

EOS account creation capabilities

Users can now create a new EOS account using Google Pay (Note that this feature is only enabled for certain countries). This should help users opt-into Murmur with far less dissonance and peace of mind.

Murmur wallet

The in-built wallet allows Murmur users to store EOS and EOS-based tokens within including MUR.

The web version of the platform has also been released on the testnet, accessible via Do check it out and share your feedback with us on the murmur telegram group:

What’s coming up next

By the end of this year, we hope to do the following:

December 1st: Launch of the iOS app along with the mainnet of the web version.

December 21st: Integrate the first EOS-based game into Murmur. Also, enable transfer of EOS and EOS-based Tokens from the Murmur wallet to another.

In case you missed it, we’ve also published a detailed token economics model on Do check it out.

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