Murmur now supports IPFS-enabled media publishing and sharing

We are delighted to unveil IPFS-enabled media publishing capabilities on Murmur. This release also marks an important milestone for Murmur because with it with are one more step closer to creating a social media platform that delivers experiences known and loved on centralized platforms, including the ability to create and share media content, but made decentralized, secure and fast.

IPFS-enabled media publishing and sharing is currently supported on both mobile and the web platform. Media up to 200mb can be created and shared on the platform, relayed to the chain through IPFS.

One particular aspect of the feature we’d like to point your attention to is the content validation screen (see image 3) that is now prompted with every media upload. The platform does not prevent you from uploading a content of your choice. It does, however, encourage you to tag your content so that its viewers know what they are setting themselves up for when they interact with your content, to put it simply.

Pro tip: Be kind and mindful while when publishing media.

And while we trust you to tag your content in an appropriate way, should a content be reported as inappropriate, promoting nudity, hateful and/or spammy by the community at large, the content may be hidden from the general timeline upon careful review of the reports received.

Murmur video upload screen 1
Murmur video upload screen 2
Murmur video upload screen 3

In moving away from s3 storage to IPFS – a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that makes the web faster, safer, and more open – we have enabled a robust data relaying protocol that supports high throughput data distribution to nodes. Majorly though, by using IPFS we’ve ensured a desirable level of decentralization, as enabled by allowing users to store and share content in a truly distributed manner. Simply put, IPFS translates into decentralized content storing and sharing as well as faster content publishing capabilities. With that said, we’d like to make clear that the capability is fresh from the code caverns and we’d be making adjustments and fixes to it on a daily basis.

We have also gone through a round of major bug fixes and optimizations – mobile and web – that have contributed to improving the overall experience of the app.

Give the updates app a try and be sure to share your feedback with us.

PS: There’s a majorly rewarding program underway. Hop on to the Murmur app to learn more about it. Information is also available on

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