New on Murmur: Tipping Feature

New on Murmur: Tipping feature
Tip a murmur in EOS or MUR token

On Murmur, we value you — the creators. And just like us, a lot of you have come to love and enjoy content created by our peers on Murmur. We are now a thriving community of microbloggers — now 3000+ — creating, murmuring, yelling, snooping and commenting regularly, and every day there’s something interesting, exciting, new and novel to see, read, share, and cherish.

Starting today, you can leave tips for a piece of content or a ‘murmur’ that you wish to reward. Liked a thought? Enjoyed a meme? Leave the creator a ‘tip’. Simply click on the “$” symbol at the left corner of a post, select a token, choose the denomination and hit send.

Note: You can ‘tip’ someone any number of times, as long as you have sufficient coins.

As of now, you can tip in EOS and MUR token. You must select the amount from the set denominations of each coin — 0.01, 0.05, 0.1 EOS and 10, 50 and 80 MUR. Note that a standard memo accompanies all tip transactions at the moment. Hit send and the creator of the murmur you’ve chosen to reward will receive the tip amount in their wallet.

This is a singularly unique way of rewarding content that’s meaningful and interesting to you!

Update your app to enjoy the tipping feature.

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