Partnership Announcement: Murmur and pixEOS come together to support digital artists

Murmur partners with pixEOS
Murmur partners with pixEOS

We are delighted to share that Murmur — the EOS-based microblogging platform — has joined forces with pixEOS — an EOS-based art gamification platform — to support new-age digital artists by enabling for them a broader ecosystem for sharing and monetizing their creations.

This is a first such partnership with an EOS-based Dapp for Murmur. “Collaborating with pixEOS has been thrilling. We are delighted to play our part in supporting new-age digital artists and making it possible for them to connect, through their art, with a broader set of audience and monetize their art in incredibly creative ways, as a result of the capabilities we will be developing together with the pixEOS team,” noted Abhinav Ramesh, founder and CEO of Murmur.

“Partnering with Murmur is a step closer to adoption. pixEOS is overjoyed by the chance of getting crypto art and a myriad of tools for artists and enthusiasts to monetize and protect their artworks. Murmur steps up the social game and is an incredible project we are keen to work with,” said Fred Nogueira, co-founder of pixEOS.

Both Murmur and pixEOS will be working closely on developing sweeping platform functions that allow an artist to make the most of both of the Dapps.

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