Release: Murmur 2.0

This update has been many months in the making. And now we are ready and excited to share with you all Murmur 2.0. This is easily the biggest set of updates we’ve rolled out to the app till date and guarantees a better, faster and more exciting app experience.

Here’s what’s changed and what’s new

UI improvements

The first thing you will notice as soon as you update your Murmur app or log in to the web platform are changes to a lot of the existing UI features you’ve known and loved. Brace yourself for a pop of color, more strength in icons and typography and cleaner compositions.

The New Murmur Home Feed

A host of cool new features

Over the last many weeks, a lot of you reached out to us with suggestions for things that can be done better on Murmur. And we’ve listened.

With Murmur 2.0 here’s what’s been added to the app design and capabilities

  • Ability uploads multiple media files at ones. You can upload upto 10 media files in a Murmur. Note that the members of the community interact with the murmur and not individual media files.
  • Ability to “Unsoop”. Note that if you’ve unsnooped after you’ve raised Decibels and/MUR, it will not affect your Decibel count or MUR count in any way.
  • Ability to Delete content. What this means is that while your content will disappear from the Murmur ecosystem permanently if you choose to do so, it will remain on the blockchain regardless.
Now you can delete your murmurs
  • Link Previews for both web and mobile platforms. We’d rolled this out some time ago but now we’ve reintroduced the feature with a couple of tweaks.
Link Previews are back!
  • Ability to edit profile on the web platform. No more switching back and forth between web and mobile apps.

Backend upgrades

Murmur’s now much faster and more intuitive. In addition to bug fixes, one of the major things we’ve done is deployed dfuse for faster blockchain synchronization. This ensures that your murmurs enter the feeds faster (<2 secs).

Decibels upgrade

Also, Decibels will now start reflecting automatically and daily, too. Also, Decibels page has undergone a complete overhaul. Check it out.

The all-new Decibels Page

Contract changes

In addition to some tweaks, one the features that’s been moved to contract is reporting. All reports related to the content shared within Murmur will now be logged directly in the Murmur contract. Note that currently, the platform admins monitor the report and act of the reports on behalf of the community. Soon, frameworks will be deployed that will enable you, the community, to moderate and manage the content that gets created and shared on Murmur.

On that note, we encourage you to update your apps and check out the changes we’ve made to Murmur. Be sure to share your feedback with @murmurdappac (that’s our official account on Murmur) or (if you prefer it)

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