Update: Now Create a FREE EOS Wallet on Murmur

Murmur now supports EOS wallets
Send and Store EOS assets on Murmur wallet

In keeping with the roadmap, we’ve launched our in-app wallet within Murmur — the new age decentralized microblogging platform — enabling a composite decentralized content and asset sharing ecosystem.

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Going forward, you can store, send, and receive EOS and EOS based tokens using your Murmur app and the account created using the app. The process to carry out transactions is simple, straightforward and is entirely peer-to-peer.

Note: Murmur does not ask for nor holds custody of your EOS assets. You are always in control of your assets.

Navigate the Murmur wallet

  1. Click on the ‘menu’ button at the top left of the app home screen to access your personal wallet. Within you will see a screen that shows assets associated with your EOS account (including MUR) listed orderly.

2. Click on the ‘menu’ button on the top right of your wallet home screen to access transaction history, resources and keys.

3. The ‘Transaction History’ page shows all the transactions you’ve made/engaged in. In the next update, you will be able to filter your transactions by ‘all’, ‘sent’, and ‘received’.

4. The ‘Export Keys’ page shows your active private/public key. Ensure this information is secure with you. Note: Murmur does not hold, control or oversee your private/public keys.

5. The ‘Resources’ page shows the amount of each EOS resource available for your account (as on date and fetched directly from the blockchain), including CPU staked and NET. The ‘Update’ button at the bottom lets you stake additional EOS for CPU and NET. Here, enter the amount you wish to stake and click ‘Submit’. Also, click ‘refresh’ at the top right corner to check if the resources have been replenished.

How to send EOS and EOS tokens using Murmur

  1. Click on the arrow at the bottom of your wallet screen to send/transfer EOS assets to an EOS account.

2. Choose the asset you wish to transfer from the list on your screen. This list is fetched from your account on the blockchain, so it will only show the tokens that you currently own. Select the asset you wish to transfer and enter the values ‘to’ (EOS account), ‘amount’ and ‘memo’ to proceed with the transaction.

3. A confirmation screen is prompted before making the token transfer call to the blockchain. If you have set a PIN and it is enabled in your “Account Settings”, you will be asked to enter the PIN to confirm the transaction.

Once you confirm, assets will be transferred from your account to that of the EOS account you’ve entered in the ‘to’ field.

We’ll be making regular updates to the app in the weeks to come. Follow the conversations on our telegram group to keep up with the latest.

For queries, write to contact@murmurdapp.com

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